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Recommendations for cleaning Spartan Promenade Tiles


General information


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The Tiles can be cleaned using soapy water or a weak bleach solution and a scrubbing brush; pressure washer if available in extreme cases only, be careful not to use too much pressure as this may damage the surface of the tile.


If in a particular shaded area, North Facing, and water lays in the area, which, in turn, would support algae growth then a fungicidal wash may be necessary any proprietary products available in a DIY/Garden center for cleaning patios, in addition to water and a scrubbing brush.


Care should be taken not to use anything too abrasive, or chemical concentrates that are likely to damage the waterproofing membrane or etch the surface of the tiles.


If the above procedures are not satisfactory then we would be pleased discuss each application further and offer alternative solutions for each particular situation.


PPE would be necessary appropriate to each operation.


Suggested products


An environmentally friendly product for cleaning moss, patios, roofs is Algoclear and Algoclear Pro and call 01628 687 022.


General cleaning product - again Bio-Friendly - Micro Clean manufactured by Bio-Productions Ltd, for local stockists contact call 01444 244000


Also an alternative product to rock salt in icy conditions is Snow Melt manufactured by call 01673 713411 this stays active for a few hours and does not leave a grit residue.


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